Stars Can’t Shine Without Darkness

Author Margaret McBride


OK, it’s Monday again—Thank you, Jesus!! It’s also BLOG day for me. I love it! So, when I finish today’s blog, my hope is that I’ll leave you with something inspiring to spiritually ponder.

A few days ago, I saw today’s blog title in something I was reading and immediately became engaged with it. Just what does that mean to me? I asked myself. I wasn’t looking for a scientific conclusion; no, this was of the heart, spirit and soul. I was sure of it, because I was touched  emotionally when I first read the words.

Actually, I try things on personally, before I come to my conclusion in an effort to determine how “that”,  whatever that is,  may affect you, then hopefully I will be inspired and pass that inspiration onto you—from my heart to yours.

So as I continued in thought considering today’s blog title, and what it meant to me spiritually, I…

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Duma is my name Succes is my aim Challenges is my game Risk is my passion Love is my friend Perfection is my habit Hard work is my occupation Smartness and Attitude are my styles Smilling is my hobby Politeness is my policy ; and Confidence is my power Je ne suis qu’un rêveur Je suis une création différente Bien que je suis pas une belle, parfait fille mais j’aime ma seul juste comment je suis Je voudrai devenir un vainqueur de monde et un imprimeur dans une histoire Merci...:) Dieu vous benisse Cordialement Duma L B
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